WordPress 6.4 (Shirley) new Gutenberg features

WordPress 6.4 is the latest major release of the popular content management system, and it brings a range of exciting new features and enhancements. In this article, we’ll explore the advancements introduced in WordPress 6.4, with a particular focus on the Gutenberg block editor. From improved design tools to enhanced collaboration capabilities, there’s a lot to discover in this release. So, let’s dive in and explore the new possibilities that Gutenberg brings to WordPress 6.4.

The Evolution of Gutenberg

The Gutenberg block editor has been a game-changer for WordPress since its initial release. With each new version, it continues to evolve and empower users to create stunning websites with ease. WordPress 6.4 takes Gutenberg to the next level by introducing several key enhancements that enhance design flexibility, improve collaboration, and offer better management options for blocks and patterns.

Moving Forward with Block Design Flexibility

Flexibility and consistency are crucial elements for enterprise organizations when it comes to their websites. WordPress VIP has been at the forefront of delivering enterprise capabilities that provide a balance between these two aspects. With WordPress 6.4, the Core team has made significant improvements to the flexibility of blocks, further empowering users to create unique and engaging designs.

One notable enhancement is the introduction of a public API that allows users to programmatically disable editing of a block or restrict certain editing options. This API makes it easier for WordPress VIP customers and others to lock blocks and prevent unwanted changes. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining brand consistency and ensuring a unified design across an organization’s website.

Better Management of Group Blocks and Patterns

Group blocks are a popular tool in the Block Editor, allowing users to bundle smaller blocks together. However, when dealing with complex content that consists of multiple group blocks, it can be challenging to understand the purpose of each group. WordPress 6.4 addresses this issue by enabling users to rename each group with a more meaningful label in the List View. This improvement makes it easier to manage and update complex content, especially when working with patterns that involve multiple groups.

New Design Options

WordPress 6.4 introduces several new design options that enhance the overall visual appeal of websites. For instance, users can now add controls to placeholders before inserting an image. This feature allows patterns to utilize these controls and ensures that images match the design pattern set by the organization, reducing the chances of design errors.

Additionally, WordPress 6.4 offers more fine-grained control over buttons and headings within Group or Column blocks. Users can now customize the background within a Group block and even experiment with vertical text orientation. These new design options provide users with greater creative freedom and enable them to craft visually stunning websites.

Block Hooks for Enhanced Customization

One of the most exciting features introduced in WordPress 6.4 is Block Hooks. This functionality allows plugin developers to dynamically add blocks in relation to other blocks. For example, a social plugin can add a like button to the end of a post content block, or an e-commerce plugin can specify that it should be inserted at the end of a navigation block. Block Hooks provide organizations with more control over the placement and customization of blocks, enhancing the overall user experience.

Additional Enhancements in WordPress 6.4

In addition to the significant changes mentioned above, WordPress 6.4 includes several other improvements that refine the content creation experience. Let’s explore some of these enhancements:

Command Palette Enhancements

WordPress 6.3 introduced the Command Palette, a shortcut to specific actions in the Site Editor. WordPress 6.4 builds upon this feature by improving the design and expanding the number of actions accessible from the Command Palette. This enhancement streamlines the editing process and makes it easier for users to navigate the Site Editor.

Easy Lightbox Functionality for Images

Images play a crucial role in engaging website visitors. WordPress 6.4 simplifies the process of displaying images in a lightbox by introducing a clickable setting. This feature allows users to expand images to full screen with a single click, making it convenient for users to view and zoom in on complex diagrams or detailed visuals.

Image Preview in the List View

The List View provides an overview of the content structure in the Block Editor. In WordPress 6.4, the List View now includes thumbnails of images, making it easier for users to identify and differentiate between images in their content. This enhancement improves the overall editing experience and streamlines the content creation process.

Writing Flow Improvements

WordPress 6.4 introduces several changes to improve the writing flow in the Block Editor. Users can now merge lists, making it easier to create structured and organized content. Additionally, shortcuts for deselecting or duplicating blocks have been implemented, further enhancing the efficiency of the editing process.

Performance Improvements

WordPress 6.4 includes performance improvements that optimize template loading and object caching. These enhancements ensure faster and more efficient website performance, enabling users to create and manage content with ease.


WordPress 6.4 is an exciting release that brings a range of enhancements to the Gutenberg block editor. From improved design flexibility to better collaboration capabilities, this release empowers users to create stunning websites with ease. Whether you’re an enterprise organization looking to maintain brand consistency or an individual blogger seeking more creative control, WordPress 6.4 has something for everyone. So, upgrade to WordPress 6.4 and unlock the full potential of the Gutenberg block editor.

Remember, always keep your WordPress installation up to date to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements. Stay tuned for future releases and continue exploring the possibilities of Gutenberg. Happy editing!

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