Hello, my name is Deborah.

I Am A Freelance Front End Web Developer who is passionate about building and designing websites.


7yrs Experience


8yrs Experience


8yrs Experience


2yrs Experience

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With 7 years full-time experience building websites for a growing number of local and international clients – from custom themes, to eCommerce, to personal blogs or existing site optimization, I’m a dependable partner for your next project.

Delivering work that you feel is worth the investment of your time and money is of the utmost importance to me.

Listening, taking care to understand your ideas and concerns, cost-efficiency, and clear communication are table stakes.



Extensive skills in CSS, HTML, SASS, Gulp, Node.js, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, with a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails.



Building a custom WordPress theme is my first preferred approach when starting a new project. It allows us to create something unique and high-performing.



Setting you up to succeed beyond the build is something I am committed to thinking about. This includes recommendations around maintenance, updates, reporting, and ease of future customization – which is where page builders come in

UX Design


Collaborative, researched and thoughtful Design

A wide range of client experience

I am curious by nature and love to learn. This has led me to work with a wide range of clients both locally and internationally. From intricate corporate websites to personal blogs, media sites to eCommerce startups, and national newspapers and NGOs – I’ve gained experience across a range of business verticals.

Deborah Butler

“I am lucky enough to have Deborah as a project manager in a challenging website project. Immaculate… is an understatement to her managerial skills. Everything from pacing the project to maintaining client expectations feels so smooth with her around :).

Thanks, Deborah, and can’t wait for more collaboration.”

Dika Fei

Superb team, very patient with us as a non-profit client lacking skills and bandwidth. The result is a very well received website!
Ludovic Leforestier
Deborah was a pleasure to talk to, friendly and a real WP expert. She helped me understand how to tackle a big project and how to get rid of a bunch of resource heavy plugins.
Susan Hillman
Deborah is extremely personable and very friendly, that is on top of her excellent communication skills and her technical knowledge was outstanding. I will certainly be requesting her help in the future and I would highly recommend her. A big thank you 😉
Carolina Flores
Whenever I need more help with the website or come across someone who needs a site developed, I will not hesitate to reach out to you! You're great at what you do, and I look forward to working with you again someday.
Rich Richardson

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