A few months ago I came across a new trend of web design called ‘Web Brutalism’.

What is Brutalist?
“The term originates from the French word for “raw” in the term used by Le Corbusier to describe his choice of material béton brut (raw concrete). British architectural critic Reyner Banham adapted the term into “brutalism” (originally “New Brutalism“) to identify the emerging style.”

Web design is built with emotion in mind. An interface and experience that is designed to offer a sense of understanding. Everything is streamlined and smooth, soft and inviting colours, everything polished.

Web Brutalism is the exact opposite of that. Its harsh, it makes you feel uncomfortable, its raw and it feels to me like art. A way of expressing yourself without having to conform to web and UX/UI standards.

I decided to try my hand at making a brutalist website and re’did’ my portfolio site in a brutalist manner. And its trickier than you think. The process of building it is much easier without “Boss Standard” looking over your shoulder, but getting the look and feel right can be tricky.

Here’s my first take on a brutalist site, I hope to building more of these and adding to these posts.

My Brutalist Portfolio Site


Brutalist Websites

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